The goal for precision has driven Kitamura for over 79 years. Our extremely precise machining centers let customers supply high value-added services to their clients, entering new markets, expanding business and producing extreme tolerance work.
  • Kitamura Features. PREMIUM COMPONENTS  1
    Pre-tensioned, fine-pitch ballscrews and high-resolution servo motors deliver unparalleled accuracy.
  • Kitamura Features. PREMIUM COMPONENTS  2
    Patented twin ballscrew and dual feedback technology on Kitamura Horizontal Machining centers expand productivity with the support necessary to move larger masses at higher levels of speed. This patented technology allows for the precision, fine-pitched ballscrews to run at lightning fast feedrates of 1969ipm with high acceleration and deceleration – holding machine accuracy.
  • Kitamura Features. PREMIUM COMPONENTS  3
    Kitamura’s fine-pitch ballscrews are pre-tensioned and precisely temperature controlled through use of our internal cooling system. This eliminates thermal growth and promotes axis rigidity assuring peak precision even under prolonged heavy cutting conditions.
  • Kitamura Features. PREMIUM COMPONENTS  4
    Kitamura’s Intelligent Advanced Control System (IAC) consists of a series of strategically located sensors and machine efficiency monitors. This high-efficiency system keeps component growth due to machining head build-up to less than 5µm (0.0002”)
  • Kitamura Features. PREMIUM COMPONENTS  5
    High accuracy ±0.000078”/full stroke positioning, ±0.000039” repeatability – 16 Million Pulse Coder system provides a new degree in axes positioning accuracy. By making smaller incremental movements, finer surface finishes are achieved.
  • Kitamura Features. PREMIUM COMPONENTS  6
    High demand machining requires a consistent reliable control. Kitamura delivers the most updated and feature packed controls on the market today, enabling higher feedrates, better finishes and improved accuracy
  • Kitamura Features. PREMIUM COMPONENTS  7
    The construction and quality of a Kitamura machining center provide a competitive advantage to the buyer. As an investment you can count on Kitamura for long-term durability and guaranteed longer machine tool life expectancy.
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