Machine Construction – High Quality, High Accuracy. Kitamura Mycenters® are constructed with the highest grade Meehanite Casting (GA50) for optimum damping capacity. The thick wall and ribbed, box-type construction of this material ensure that the bed, column, saddle, table and head stock components of the machine are free from distortions, at the same time, carrying high rigidity.
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    Rock Solid Castings = Rigidity. High quality Meehanite castings guarantee minimum yearly deformation, maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and offering the user longer life expectancy of the machine tool.
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    Horizontal bed casting with hand scraped contact surfaces and solid box ways. This construction yields massive overall machine weight which allows for the heaviest possible cuts while at the same time, ensuring accuracies of ±0.000078” Full Stroke/repeatability ±0.000039”.
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    Kitamura’s thick-wall and ribbed box way construction yields the benefits of higher rigidity with the ability to support high precision, heavy machining.
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    Solid column construction – 3-micron mirror surface finish roughness on each slide way for superb vibration absorption capabilities.
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    Kitamura’s strokes are as specified, not only movement. Rigid construction combined with table traverse design reduce work piece and spindle interference for optimum work envelope utilization. This generally means you are looking at a larger work envelope in comparison to other manufacturers.
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    Kitamura’s vertical machining centers also offer the benefits of maximum rigidity with their solid column construction and zero overhang design. This design allows Kitamura Mycenters® to deliver peak accuracy 2-3 times longer than machining centers that have table overhang.
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    The construction and quality of a Kitamura machining center provide a competitive advantage to the buyer. As an investment you can count on Kitamura for long-term durability and guaranteed longer machine tool life expectancy.